Circular Velocity Calculator Computes the circular orbital velocity of an object.
Velocity Calculator Computes the orbital velocity of an object.
Escape Velocity Calculator Computes the escape velocity of an object.
Period Calculator Computes the orbital period of an object.
Semi-Major Axis Calculator Computes the semi-major of an object from its period.
Visual Magnitude Calculator Computes the visual magnitude of a star from its absolute magnitude and distance.
Hill Sphere Calculator Computes the Hill Sphere of an object
Sail Calculator Computes the maximum velocity possible from acceleration caused by light pressure
Interior Reach FormulaComputes the distance interior to a planet where the planet's gravity will make the region unstable for other planets. See this paper by Barrie W. Jones, for an explanation and use their table to obtain a value for n.
Exterior Reach FormulaComputes the distance Exterior to a planet where the planet's gravity will make the region unstable for other planets.
Stellar Encounter Calculator Computes the number of stars expected to pass within a given distance of the Sun over a specified period of time.
Kozai eccentricity calculatorComputes the maximum eccentricity obtained by a planet due to the Kozai mechanism.
Kozai period calculatorComputes the period of time for the Kozai mechanism to cause a planet's orbit to go from maximum to minimum eccentricity and back to maximum eccentricity.
Poynting-Robertson calculatorComputes force on an object due to the Poynting-Robertson effect, in which sunlight causes objects to spiral in towards the sun.
Effective Radius CalculatorComputes the effective radius of an object due to its gravity given the velocity at infinity of an approaching object.
Lagrange Point FinderComputes the distance to the the 5 Lagrange points, and the velocity of the point.
Orbital Elements Cartesian Coordinates converterConverts between orbital elements and Cartesian coordinates and state vectors
Cramer's RuleSolve a 3 x 3 matrix using Cramer's Rule
Equatorial to EclipticConverts from equatorial to ecliptic coordinates